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Literature in Intercultural Context
Tatlin, El lisicki in Kosove Print E-mail

Janez Vrečko
Filozofskafakulteta Univerze v Ljubljani, Slovenija
This paper begins byanalyzing the concept and term cons and connecting it with the typical Soviet practice of shortening words (loks, veshch), which wasalso adopted by some European avantgardists (merz, mont). 
Некои аспекти на претставувањето на телото и телесноста во романот „Книга на смеата и заборавот“ од Милан Кундера Print E-mail

Гоце Смилевски

Институт за македонска литература, Скопје, Македонија

This text examines the models in which the characters of Milan Kundera’snovel “The Book of Laughter and Forgetting” construct the idea of body, relatedto the phonemena of border, mimicry and melancholy. 
Makedonska egzilantska književnost - dio interkulturne povijesti književnosti Print E-mail

Borjana Prošev-Oliver

Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Hrvatska

The new MacedonianLiterature was formed in the 19th century by writers in exile,widely understood as territorial, linguistic, ideological and existential displacement.
U krugovima Print E-mail

Miha Pintarič

Filozofska fakulteta, Ljubljana, Slovenija

This short article analyses a poem by one of the best Croatian poets ofthe 90's war generation, Tomica Bajsić (a world traveller and a war veteranvolunteer, wounded and decorated several times), and suggests possibleinterpretations of his war experience and the overall presence of traveladventure in his poetry.
Geometrija ljubavi u „Sutonu“ Iva Vojnovića i „Tri sestre“ Antona Pavloviča Čehova Print E-mail

Borislav Pavlovski

Filozofskifakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Hrvatska

The result of theresearch „Dramatic geometry“ in selected dramas shows different approaches todramaturgy in the same literary period. Ivo Vojnović practices a closed type ofdramaturgy while Anton Pavlovich Cechov different models of the „situation inthe triangle“. 
Između eskapizma i nomadologije. Deleuze/Guattari i Hakim Bey u arkadiji Šoljanovih „Izdajica“ Print E-mail

Lana Molvarec

Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Hrvatska

This paper tries toopen new ways of interpretation of Antun Šoljan's Izdajice (1961). This texthas often been presented in literary criticism as an apolitical text in thetimes of communist ideological imperative. 
Палетата на проклетството на Славко Јаневски – мегдан меѓу сликите и зборовите Print E-mail

Владимир Мартиновски

Филолошки факултет „БлажеКонески“, Скопје, Македонија

Ladimension paragonale de l'ekphrasis est mise en relief dès l’introduction du recueil La Palette maudite (1988) du poètemacédonien Slavko Janevski (1920-2000) : « Ils m’ont offert ces poèmesdans l'intention de m'instruire. / Je ne suis pas resté en dette. J'ai peintd'après leurs toiles. / Pour les convaincre qu'ils sont inaccessibles. »
Poredbeno-interkulturni aspekti književne makedonistike u Hrvatskoj Print E-mail

Zvonko Kovač

Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu


With its particularcontrastive interest, literary-comparative and intercultural aspects ofCroatian and Macedonian literature is pointed out as literatures of twomutually non-conflictive cultures and nations.